Toast toppings.....

Posted by Swan 26/10/2016 1 Comment(s) Spotlight,

More than just a quick breakfast!

Try some of these weird and wonderful toppings besides the usual butter and jam!

Mashed Banana and Cinnamon 
This may sound a little funny but trust me it's amazing. Spread mashed banana over lightly toasted bread and sprinkle with a touch cinnamon and grill slightly. You could try adding some crushed peanuts or nut of your choice for a different texture.
Cream Cheese and Smoked SalmonCream Cheese and Smoked Salmon 
How very posh and truly glorious, this combination goes great with almost anything but it really comes to life on some fresh warm toast.
Plum tomatoes on toast 
Warm butter toast, smothered with warm plum tomatoes and a pinch of salt and pepper may sound messy but is a quick, tasty meal in minutes.
Sautéed mushrooms & Cheese 
Sautéed mushrooms on toasted, sprinkled with cheese, sea salt and black pepper then melted under the grill - is it lunch time yet?
Figs and Ricotta on ToastFigs and Ricotta Cheese on Toast 
Spread toast with ricotta cheese, sliced figs and drizzled with honey - this is truly a sweet and savoury delight.